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Every month a meeting with news from Italy (Italian Culture, free zoom meeting )

Anche nel 2023, ogni mese appuntamento con Un Caffè con Luca per parlare di attualità, cultura, storia e tanto altro 😉🖼🍷📖✒️✈️🚂

Wine Week 12 – maggio 2022

Pausa /break

Thanks for more than 40 webinar (September 21 -June 22). We suspend for the summer time the lessons and see you on next 6 September 22 for a new season of Un Caffè con Luca. Every week, every Tuesday, 1 hour speaking about Italy 😉🏖🦑🏝❤

Populonia, Toscana, estate 2022

Tuesday, untill 2022 July

Every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm (in Rome) we present a webinar covering Italian history, culture and current affairs, on the Zoom platform.
Subjects range from history (the Resistance, the Risorgimento, Fascism, the economic boom and more) to society and culture (the Italian family of yesterday and today, contemporary Italian cuisine, films, art and art history, literature, wine…) and include the stories and descriptions of cities and regions across Italy. 

Giugno 2021, Pausa 🙂
Dopo oltre 40 webinar tematici “Un caffè con Luca” si prende una pausa. Ci rivediamo a settembre 2021 con tante nuove storie d’Italia e tanti nuovi caffè da prendere. Buona estate!

Winter Webinar 2021

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